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As research conducted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) shows (see the table titled "Median Loss Based on Presence of Anti-Fraud Controls" on our statistics page), proper anti-fraud training of management and staff can cut fraud losses in half. The term "training" is very broad and includes formal courses, videos, presentations, posters, handouts and other resources—such as this website—that makes employees more aware of fraud, how its conducted and how to prevent it. This page contains links and materials to help fight fraud.

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DHS Free IT Security Training through Texas A&M University

The Adaptive Cyber-Security Training Online (ACT-Online) courses are now available on the TEEX Domestic Preparedness Campus. This DHS/FEMA Certified Cyber-Security Training is designed to ensure that the privacy, reliability, and integrity of the information systems that power our global economy remain intact and secure.

The 10 courses are offered through three discipline-specific tracks targeting everyday non-technical computer users, technical IT professionals, and business managers and professionals.

Sample Training Videos

Procurement Card Controls

Contract Compliance

Cash Handling Controls

Ethics, Part One

Ethics, Part Two

Sample PowerPoint Presentations

Fraud Awareness and Prevention

Contract Compliance

Risk Management

Basic IT Controls

Everybody's Job to Combat Fraud