Making Cooperative Audit Resolution Understandable & Attainable

Course Description

This course, delivered on-site at your location, explains how cooperative audit resolution — a new requirement for federal awarding agencies — can be implemented in a cohesive manner to create a continuous feedback loop for program improvement. It’s also valuable for the recipients of federal funds, as they will learn what to expect from cooperative audit resolution, what they can request and how the process can benefit them.

The curriculum outlines a proactive approach to implementing key provisions of Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards, commonly referred to as Uniform Guidance or the Supercircular. The Uniform Guidance requires federal awarding agencies to use cooperative audit resolution with recipients. This course introduces participants to the principles underlying cooperative audit resolution, outlines best practices for complying with significant aspects of the Uniform Guidance, and includes checklists, draft agreements and other tools to facilitate implementation. In short, it makes cooperative audit resolution understandable and attainable.

Course Topics

  • Background on key provisions in the Uniform Guidance
  • How the cooperative audit resolution and internal control provisions in the Uniform Guidance can be leveraged to reduce improper payments
  • How to tailor cooperative audit resolution to the needs of your own organization
  • Components of key agreements that can facilitate cooperative audit resolution
  • The roles of participants in the cooperative audit resolution process, including program, legal, audit and financial management personnel
  • How to overcome challenges associated with cooperative audit resolution
  • Tools and resources available for cooperative audit resolution

Who should attend

Professionals at the federal, state, and local levels of government, tribal governments, and nonprofits who manage, monitor, audit, account for and/or provide legal advice on programs funded by federal dollars.

Course objective

To introduce participants to hands-on tools to identify the underlying cause of audit findings, assess risk, mitigate improper payments and improve program performance.


You've identified the problem — now invest in the solution.

Length/CPE: 1 day, 8 CPEs
FOS: Auditing (Governmental), Administrative Practice, Finance, Personal Development
Format: Lecture, group discussion, class examples
Delivery: On-site, group training
Price: $4,500. This price includes your instructor, instructor's expenses and study guides for up to 30 participants.