Sponsor Rules & Payment

By signing the application/contract, each organization, its employees, representatives and/or contractors, agrees to abide by these rules and regulations and any amendments or additions made to them.

Payment & Cancellation

The sponsoring company agrees to pay the published sponsorship fee once the application has been submitted and accepted by AGA. Invoices will be generated and sent to the principal contact by email. Payment is requested within 30 days. Outstanding balances must be paid in full prior to signing up for future conference activities. Sponsorships may not be cancelled. Upon signing the agreement, there are costs incurred on behalf of the sponsor and the full, published amount must be paid. In the event that the sponsorship can be resold and the promotional material corrected before the training, 50 percent of the sponsorship fee may be refunded. Any written notification of intent to sponsor an event or item will be considered a definite commitment. In the event that AGA denies a sponsorship opportunity to an interested party, based on a written confirmation/guarantee by your organization to sponsor an event/item, the sponsorship may not be canceled and the full payment must be paid.


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