We are an inclusive organization. Our members come from all sectors – federal, state, local, tribal, academia, private, non-profit – plus students! We engage all who impact financial resources, from those who work in budget, HR, IT and acquisition to performance evaluation and reporting, grants management and financial systems.


  • You must be an "active" AGA member to be recognized as a recruiter and receive prizes/awards.
  • Recruiters will receive a chance to win the monthly prize drawing for every new member they recruit from September 2019 to March 2020.
  • Recruiting of electronic members (students and professors) do not count towards awards and prizes.

Awards, Recognition and Prizes: 

Monthly winners will be randomly picked at the beginning of the following month and announced in Topics, Leadership Matters and Membership Matters.

  • Monthly recruiter winners, from September to March, will win a $100 Amex gift card
  • Super and Top Recruiters will win one free registration to the conference of their choice (PDT, Fraud or NLT) and recognized with an award at PDT 2020 in Dallas, Texas


Contact Cherry Ung, membership manager, at

Top Recruiters — qualified for Super/Top Recruiter award

  •   Jacquline Schmuhl, Denver Chapter (33)
  •   Raymond Harris, New York Capital Chapter (12)
  •   Marella Houghton, Baton Rouge Chapter (7)
  •   Doug Newton, Northern Virginia Chapter (6)
  •   Danita Barnes, Richmond Chapter (4)
  •   Rodalyn May Gerardo, Guam Chapter (4)

Top Student Recruiters

  •   Kimberly Smith, Indianapolis Chapter (35)
  •   Annette Schmunk, Cleveland Chapter (23)
  •   Pamela Young, Hawaii Chapter (14)
  •   Jasmine James, Montgomery Chapter (8)
  •   Nauri Ahmed, Richmond Chapter (1)
  •   Adolfo Garcia, Oklahoma City Chapter (1)

Membership Drive Monthly Winners

  • Yolanda C. Nash, Jackson Chapter — September 2019