Recruit a member — easy as one, two, three!

Two-thirds of new members joined AGA because someone asked them to join. Whether via an employer, a colleague or a friend — word of mouth is the number one way AGA gains new members.

As a valued member, you can affect the future of AGA by sharing your experience with your peers, your staff and others in your organization with an interest in government financial management. No one knows better than a current AGA member how beneficial membership is to promoting government accountability.

  1. Download a membership application. You can also order applications by emailing
  2. Tell your peers and co-workers about all the benefits of AGA membership.
  3. Ask them to fill out a membership application or apply online. Be sure to include your name and AGA ID# in the sponsor category on the application to receive credit.

Super Recruiters Club

When you recruit 10 members during a single AGA membership year, you become part of the Super Recruiters Club. Super Recruiter status affords many exclusive rewards, including recognition at our annual Professional Development Training (PDT) event. Other rewards include: a lapel pin, certificate, VIP status at all national events and logo apparel.

Sponsor Achievement Awards and Recognition Awards are presented at PDT each summer.

  • Recruiter of the Year* (one winner) — The member who recruits the most new members from April 1 to March 31 will be presented with this honor and receive a complimentary AGA national meeting registration.
  • Top Sponsor* (two winners) — The next two members who recruit the highest number of new members from April 1 to March 31 will be awarded the Top Sponsor distinction, and each will receive a complimentary AGA national meeting registration.
  • Chapter Overall Growth* (six winning chapters) — The top six chapters that achieve the highest overall growth percentage in their chapter size grouping for a membership year (April 1 through March 31) will win a complimentary AGA national meeting registration. Chapters decide the recipient of the registration. Each chapter president and membership chair will be presented with an achievement plaque as well.

*Only individual (not chapter-coordinated) efforts for recruiting will be considered for these awards. 

Super Recruiters


  • Ethan Draves, Idaho Centennial
  • Rodalyn Gerardo, Guam
  • Sare Giberson, Aroostook County
  • Angie Lowi-Teng, Sacramento
  • Eric Sheetz, Northern Nevada
  • Doug Ziegenfuss, Old Dominion University


  • Angie Lowi-Teng, Sacramento
  • Eric Sheetz, Northern Nevada


  • Raymond Harris, NY Capitol
  • Sandra Healy, Idaho Centennial


  • Mary McManus, Ozarks


  • Karl Boettcher, Washington, DC
  • Sallyanne Harper, Washington, DC
  • Jessica Huber, South Dakota
  • Les Lake, Idaho Centennial
  • Angie Lowi-Teng, Sacramento
  • Phil Nally, Central Kentucky
  • John Purcell, Idaho Centennial
  • Kathryn Reynolds, Northern Nevada
  • Glenys Vasquez-Banchon, Virginia Peninsula
  • Jennifer Waltman, Aroostook County
  • Michelle Yanok, Mid-Ohio Valley WV