Leadership Recruitment Challenge

As one of our leaders, you know the resources AGA provides to members: free webinars and tools; national events; high-quality research and academic publications; and networking and leadership opportunities at the local, regional and national levels. We want to spread the word about AGA — and we need you, as our biggest advocates, to help!

From now through April 30, we need you to help us recruit 800 new members. Why 800? If each of our roughly 800 national and chapter leaders sponsors just one new member, we can easily reach our goal! How can you help? By recommending AGA membership to your colleagues, employees, friends and family. Share why you joined and the value that you continue to receive from your AGA membership.
Make a quick phone call, send an email, have a conversation in the hallway — take five minutes to share your AGA story. 

Recruiting New Members

After you have made initial contact with a potential member, please send us their contact information so we can follow up (and close the deal!) We will send them an email with a link to download membership materials.

OR, if your prospect(s) joins right away, be sure to let them know to include your name (or member ID) on the application so you receive sponsor credit.


We know you want to recruit members because you believe in AGA. But we believe your efforts should be highlighted:
  • Acknowledgement before fellow leaders, members and peers at the 2017 Professional Development Training opening ceremony for the top 10 recruiters
  • Mentions to the whole membership, in Topics
  • Listing on the leaderboard, for the top 10 recruiters at any given time
  • Acknowledgement before fellow leaders in Leadership Matters