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NLT2021 Session W120: Thoughts from 'Glass Ceiling' Breakers

Field of Study: Personnel/Human Resources (HR)
75 minutes (1.5 CPE)

Hear from powerful leaders on their personal journeys and how they continue the movement to break all boundaries and obstacles.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Opportunity to hear panel members’ stories
  • Understand the obstacles faced, the lessons learned, and what they see for the future.
  • The work that is required to break through "Glass Ceilings" is never finished. The more people share their stories, their struggles, their journeys, the more organizations (and their mindsets) can grow and evolve.
  • Personal account on the challenges of breaking antiquated corporate boundaries.
  • Based on recent events, opinions with respect to how the next workforce generation can adapt, persevere and advance in the future.  


  • Alaleh Jenkins, CPA, CDFM, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Operations),Dept of the Navy
  • Mary Legere, Retired Lieutenant General, U.S Army,  Accenture
  • Margaret Weichert, Former Deputy Director for Management of the OMB, Accenture
  • Mobola Kadiri, CDFM, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Operations), Dept of the Navy

Self-Learning Recording Policy Notice

Publication Date: September 30, 2021

If AGA considers the material for this course developmental and subject to frequent changes, the material provided will be reviewed by the program moderator at the annual anniversary date of its published date above and at that time, either amended or add additional information about changes or the course will be deleted from the offering for CPE.