Join us on an exciting road trip around the country on the Road to PDT 2020! On our way to Dallas, we'll be visiting several of our chapters and learning about the diverse sights, sounds, and tastes that make up our national membership. Buckle up and hang on - here we go!

In a few words, tell us about your chapter.
The New Orleans Chapter has been a strong and energetic chapter for many years. In spite of hurricanes and tornadoes, we remain strong for our members!  Our chapter officers and members love to eat out for lunch and dinner at various restaurants around the area.  We share discussions about work, family, mutual events and discuss the importance of work/life balance to keep everyone focused.  Our membership comprised of professionals of multiple business backgrounds and we have a diverse group of men and woman who offer unique perspectives that make this chapter what it is today.  When there are major events, such as the annual PDT, the New Orleans Chapter supports the event in great numbers and assist in volunteering their time to help.

What's a quirky fact about New Orleans that others probably don't know?
There’s not much about our city that’s quirky, what you see in NOLA is how it is.  We are gentle, kind and sincere people who know how to enjoy life, keeping it all in perspective while not offending others and we welcome our outsiders to enjoy in the festivities we present.

What tourist attraction would you recommend to an out-of-towner?
New Orleans is widespread, but the World War II Museum is awesome. Just about anywhere in this city is a tourist attraction if a person is just sightseeing.

Where or what should we eat in New Orleans?
Deanie’s Seafood Restaurant would be recommended.  You cannot come to New Orleans and not try the seafood,  it’s fresh and it's delicious.  All the restaurants in New Orleans from the smallest to the largest has something unique to offer depends on one’s taste buds.

What's the best road trip song?
"Hit the Road Jack" (and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more).   This is for the non-party people.

What are you looking forward to most about PDT 2020?
Hoping it's as good as the PDT here in NOLA and I’m 100% sure Dallas will not break our record (no fault to the Dallas Chapter).  New Orleans just has so much to offer and transportation is not an issue for getting around.