Join us on an exciting road trip around the country on the Road to PDT 2020! On our way to Dallas, we'll be visiting several of our chapters and learning about the diverse sights, sounds, and tastes that make up our national membership. Buckle up and hang on - here we go!

In a few words, tell us about your chapter.
The New York Capital Chapter has been advancing government accountability since 1977 through our own events and events we host with other professional organizations in our area. 

What's a quirky fact about Albany that others probably don't know?
Albany is home to the world’s largest statue of Nipper, the RCA dog: 28 feet tall and weighing 4 tons.

What tourist attraction would you recommend to an out-of-towner?
Albany is the capital of New York state and has a lot of great attractions: the State Capitol, the Empire State Plaza (home to a large collection of modern art), and the Albany Institute of History and Art (home to three mummies, counting the dog), to name a few. If you like parks, we have those, too. Oh, and a waterfall wider and almost as tall as the American Falls at Niagara.

Where or what should we eat in Albany?
Out-of-towners should visit Capitol Melts in downtown Albany: amazing grilled cheese sandwiches (yes, that’s pretty much their entire menu).

What’s the best road trip song for us to add to our playlist?
Anything you can remember the words to! (If you are heading west from Albany, you can always sing “Erie Canal”, being sure to belt out the line "And we know every inch of the way from Albany to Buffalo.")

What are you looking forward to most about PDT 2020?
The opportunity to identify topics and speakers for our Chapter seminars, as well to catch up with old friends and make new ones.