Join us on an exciting road trip around the country on the Road to PDT 2020! On our way to Dallas, we'll be visiting several of our chapters and learning about the diverse sights, sounds, and tastes that make up our national membership. Buckle up and hang on - here we go!

In a few words, tell us about the Montgomery Chapter. 
Our chapter consists mostly of state and local government employees.  We chartered our chapter June 15, 1975 and currently have 270 members. 

What is a quirky fact about Montgomery or Alabama that others probably don’t know?

  • Alabama is home to the country's largest unclaimed baggage center, which is aptly named the "Unclaimed Baggage Center." Some of the most unique items there are a container of someone's ashes, a six-foot-tall paper mache of Tinker Bell, suits of armor, and a 5.8 carat diamond solitaire ring.
  • In 2004, Alabama recognized Conecuh Ridge Whisky as the official beverage of Alabama, making it the only state with an alcoholic beverage as the state drink. Most other states have soda, juice, or milk.
  • The first electric streetcar in the world ran down Dexter Avenue in Montgomery.

 What tourist attractions should we see while we're in Montgomery?
The Rosa Parks Museum
The Legacy Museum
Biscuits Baseball Stadium
The National Memorial for Peace and Justice
Hyundai Motor Company

What restaurant/meal would you recommend to an out-of-towner?
Island Delight

What’s the best road trip song for us to add to our playlist?
"Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd

What are you looking forward to most about PDT 2020?
Always looking forward to networking and fellowship in making long lasting friendships.  Always eager to learn and re-invent growth and production in the chapter, job, and personal life.  You learn something new everyday!