2019–20 Editorial Calendar

Winter 2019–20 — Enhancing Job Productivity and Securing High Value Assets
Technology permeates nearly all that is done in government and cyber and other threats are certain. How are government entities embracing new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation? What are the new shared services and technology capabilities on the horizon?
Submission deadline: Sept. 1, 2019

Spring 2020 — Leadership in Changing Times
Innovation, service disruptions, politics and workforce challenges. Today's ever-changing world presents new challenges for financial leaders. What skills and attibutes are needed today and for the CFO of the future? Does gender play a role in this arena? What particular issues can women expect going forward? How should we nurture our future leaders?
Submission deadline: Dec. 1, 2019

Summer 2020 — Leaning in on Technology
Shared services, AI, ERM and other innovations are in place at all levels of government. What insights were gained with implementation? What new issues have emerged? Discuss related training and professional development challenges or successes in light of shrinking budgets.
Submission deadline: March 1, 2020

Fall 2020 — Overcoming Politics
Elections bring politicians in and out of government, but career government workers stay at the job throughout the transitions and beyond. How do we support elected officials and their staffs? Does politics impact our work? And if so, how and what can we do about it? What is the role of the CFO in these times? How does it affect the fiscal condition of the U.S. and morale among government workers?
Submission deadline: June 1, 2020

Winter 2020–21 — Financial Management and Decision-Making
Financial managers play a significant role in policy decision-making — when they plug in data analytics to illuminate the numbers. Discuss the role of financial analysis and knowldge-sharing in decisions on government property management, government data, commerce and financial reporting models. How can it encourage and improve citizen engagement?
Submission deadline: Sept. 1, 2020