2020-2021 Editorial Calendar

Spring 2021 — Connecting with Citizens

Government's primary objective is to deliver services to citizens with the tax dollars they provide. But do citizens get what they pay for? How would they know? Ethics demand we provide the best value to taxpayers and show them what they receive and at what cost. How do governments and their industry partners best connect with citizens in delivering services, data and resources? What skills, techniques and tools are needed, both in crises and everyday activities, for transparency and accountability? What are your best practices in communications with citizens?
Submission deadline: Dec. 1, 2020

Summer 2021 — Cybersecurity and Financial Management

Cybersecurity is a top priority in government financial management to protect taxpayer money and information. Are current policies working? FM must continue to lead in establishing controls and maintaining oversight of processes, data, and reporting. What can non-IT professionals in FM, budget and audit do to improve strategies, system development, policy, training, testing and collaboration for a stronger cyber posture? How can younger employees, savvy in gaming and manipulating data, contribute to cybersecurity development? How can FM prepare to adequately fund and support cyber? If funding is insufficient, what are essential cyber needs and how can they be prioritized?
Submission deadline: March 1, 2021

Fall 2021 — Control the Risk!

Government financial professionals recognize when it is time to spend resources and protect assets, it is all about risk. What do we need to know about technology, data analytics, internal controls, fraud detection and prevention, and leadership to be effective risk managers?  What are the challenges and solutions? How do we change risk culture?  Does risk management differ during disasters or differ among federal, state, and local organizations? Given limited budgets, how do we rank risk management objectives?  How can leadership set the tone for strengthening controls and governance?
Submission deadline: June 1, 2021

Winter 2022 — Value Creation in Government

The modernized government aims for more collaboration among departments and levels of government and for greater value to the American taxpayer. While value creation is typically considered in the private sector, what does it look like in government? How can we measure value in government services, beyond cost and performance, and who validates the measure? How can government financial leaders serve as value architects for their organizations?
Submission deadline: Sept. 1, 2021