Research & Publications

Submission Guidelines

AGA’s Journal Editorial Board chooses the themes for each issue of The Journal to focus attention on matters  of interest to the government financial management community. However, we solicit and accept high-quality, thoughtful articles on a wide range of government financial topics and may publish articles that do not relate directly to the themes. The Journal will accept material that provides practical insights into any aspect of government financial management. Authors are encouraged to submit articles for review. The Journal Editorial Board is particularly interested in articles from practitioners.

How to Write for the Journal.

To be eligible for consideration, submitted material must be:

  • no more than 2,500 words;
  • original work that has not been previously published;
  • using endnote rather than footnote format;
  • accompanied by a 50-word (or fewer) abstract and concise author biographies;
  • accompanied (when applicable) by no more than four charts or graphs, which should be submitted as raw data;
  • and accompanied (when applicable) by concise sidebars.