FY 2018 Awardees

The recipients listed below were presented with the CEAR awards for their FY 2018 reports at AGA's CEAR dinner May 21, 2019 in Washington. Recipients are listed along with the number of times they have earned the award with the link to their report: 

CEAR Special/Best-in-Class Awards

The 12 recipients listed below were presented with special awards at AGA's CEAR dinner following presentation of CEAR awards. Recipients were not told prior to the event whether they would receive a special award.

Please click on the agency's name above to reference report. 

  • In-Dept Payment Integrity Report: U.S. Department of Labor
    • for two key programs, which are among the top ten programs issuing the most improper payments, this agency:
      • provides estimated over and underpayments, root causes of such improper payments, corrective actions to address the root causes, and FY 2019 reduction targets and other areas that need to be addressed
      • provides information regarding recapture of improper payments
      • describes sampling methodology and uses graphics to support presentation
    • and finally, addresses achieving greater payment accuracy with the Do Not Pay Initiative
  • Recognition of Agency Staff Contribution to Mission: Architect of the Capitol*
    • Key employees (in a group photograph with specific contributions) who exemplify the agency’s “one team, one mission culture and values”
    • Key employee contributions to the agency mission and to financial accountability & performance
    • The talented employees who contributed to the Performance and Accountability Report
  • Receptiveness to Prior Year's Recommendations: U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    • Provides a response to all comments, whether accepted or rejected, and identified the exact change made or an explanation of why a change was not implemented
    • In some responses, the agency demonstrated that it understands the recommendation and identified how to implement the change in the future

*First time the CEAR program has recognized any agency in this category

**This is the fourth time that we have recognized an agency in this category but the first time that we have recognized two agencies for the same category