Cyber Security is EVERYONE’s Responsibility!

AGA’s Intergovernmental Partnership (IP) program is working on a project to help address cybersecurity awareness at all levels of government. 

A very short survey (10 questions) has been developed to collect some high level information about cybersecurity issues and awareness in government and private sector entities. Cyber incidents are ever-evolving form of risk to financial operations that should be assessed and mitigated through robust internal control measures. Your responses will help to inform a PDT session taking place in New Orleans on Tuesday, July 23.  So please complete this today!   We will keep the survey open to continue to collect input.

We are also interested in information about recent incidents and preventative measures that are being put into place so that best practices can be shared.

If you have information you would like to provide regarding cyber incidents, please contact

Cyber Security Survey – Please take a couple of minutes and help us to collect needed information about Cyber Awareness in your organization!

take the survey

The links below provide resources for professional and personal cyber security awareness and education. Check back to this page often, we will continue to update it with more resources!

Government Resources

Health Industry:

Commercial Resources