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Accountability Talks, Episode 1

Enterprise Risk Management at the Architect of the Capitol

In our inaugural episode, we check in with Architect of the Capitol's CFO, Tom Carroll, to learn what inspired this legislative branch agency to implement an Enterprise Risk Management program. We discuss challenges, successes and how to talk about risk openly with senior leaders and the Office of the Inspector General.

Enterprise Risk Management: Stories from the Front Lines

2018 National Leadership Training

  • Tom Caroll, CFO, AOC
  • Jacki Ponti-Lazaruk, CRO, Rural Development, USDA
  • Moderator: Roger Von Elm, CGFM, CPA , Principal, Fed. Govt., CliftonLarsonAll LLP

Agencies have begun implementing the new enterprise risk management requirements of OMB Circular A-123 for nearly a year now. Hear the progress made by a select number of agencies as well as challenges and lessons learned.


ERM: It's all about the culture!

2017 Professional Development Training

  • Larry Koskinen, JD, chief risk officer, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Frank Petersen, CGFM, director, Quality Assurance Division, NASA
  • Doug Webster, DBA, CGFM, PMP, CGEIT, director, risk management, U.S. AID
  • Mike Wetklow, MPA, CGFM, CPA, deputy CFO, National Science Foundation

Gain a wider understanding of what is needed to successfully integrate ERM into the management fiber of organizations, so that it adds value and becomes a routine part of day-to-day programs and operations.


So, You Want to Remain Independent...

2017 Professional Development Training

  • Mark Bell, assistant inspector general, National Science Foundation
  • James Dalkin, MBA, CGFM, CPA, director, financial management and assurance, Government Accountability Office
  • Phil Maestri, director, Risk Management Service, U.S. Department of Education
  • Melinda Miguel, CIG, CFSA, CBM, CICA, PMP, former chief inspector general, Executive Office of the Governor, State of Florida
  • Mike Wetklow, MPA, CGFM, CPA, deputy CFO, National Science Foundation

Learn about provisions in GAO's Yellow Book that relate to auditor independence with regard to ERM and cooperative audit resolution.


Watchdog or Partner: Agencies and IGs in ERM/FRM Implementation

2017 Internal Control & Fraud Prevention Training

  • Nicole Frish, director IPRO, U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs
  • Larry Koskinen, chief risk officer,  U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
  • Robert Westbrooks, inspector general, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
  • Michael Horowitz, inspector general, U.S. Dept. of Justice

ERM and IG functions perform independent but complementary functions. Mature coordination efforts view risk assessments and profiles as valuable tools for achieving their common goal: protecting the mission of the agency. Explore leading practices in coordination between agencies and IGs in implementing ERM/FRM programs.

What You Need to Have
for ERM to Work

"Look for conversations of consequence"


Larry Koskinen, chief risk officer, Department of Housing and Urban Development, says that if you are not discussing uncomfortable situations, you are not practicing ERM. Frank Petersen III, director, Quality Assurance Division, NASA, discusses the culture shift ERM requires.

What is ERM?

"Have a conversation across silos to look at the portfolio of risk"


Doug Webster, director, risk management, Office of the CFO, USAID, explains the difference between risk management and enterprise risk management, and the role of internal controls.

Management and Inspector General Road Rules in ERM

"When done correctly, ERM is not a heavy lift"


Mike Wetklow, deputy CFO, National Science Foundation and Mark Bell, assistant inspector general, audits, National Science Foundation, explain the importance of auditors and management understanding their respective roles and working together to accomplish goals.

January 2016

Webinar | PowerPoint

Learn what ERM is, how to get started with it, what success looks like and best practices. Discover how to build ERM into existing processes rather than adding it on.

March 2016

Webinar | PowerPoint

Learn the role of risk management and the difference between internal controls, risk management and ERM. Gain insight into what chief risk officers consider.

June 2016

Webinar | PowerPoint

Learn the role and responsibilities of inspectors general, what standards exist for their independence and how their work can be leveraged throughout an agency.