Candidate Assessment Tool for Grants Management Professionals

Section 1—Grant Management Tasks

How often did you perform these tasks in your job function as a grants management professional during the past three years?

Pre-Award Activities (17 Questions)

1. Establish funding award levels
2. Establish required program/project priorities in accordance with agency initiatives
3. Establish indirect costs rates as appropriate
4. Select appropriate award mechanism (for example, cooperative agreement, grant contract, sole source contract)
5. Develop funding opportunity announcements
6. Research potential funding opportunities
7. Evaluate funding opportunity announcements to determine eligibility
8. Evaluate funding opportunity announcements to determine internal capacity to meet grant requirements
9. Review and comply with OMB Circulars specified in the funding opportunity announcement
10. Register with organization/specified in funding announcement entity (for example, Dun and Bradstreet, System for Award Management)
11. Establish proposal/peer review panels
12. Provide technical assistance sessions for financial assistance/grant applicants
13. Develop outcome measures to be used to evaluate success of proposed program
14. Develop and submit financial assistance/grant applications
15. Pre-screen financial assistance/grant applications
16. Perform objective reviews of eligible financial assistance/grant applications
17. Conduct risk assessment of financial assistance/grant applicants (for example, history of compliance, financial management capacity)

Award Activities (8 Questions)

1. Notify applicants of funding decisions
2. Issue award documents to awardees
3. Review award documents that include terms and conditions, overall grant requirements, budget and program design
4. Negotiate necessary changes to the award documents
5. Review internal procedures for compliance with regulatory and grant requirements
6. Execute award agreements
7. Establish and organize official financial and programmatic grant files
8. Establish financial codes for capturing grant expenditure and revenue data

Post-Award Activities (16 Questions)

1. Implement project activities according to approved goals, objectives, measurements and outcomes
2. Execute and monitor appropriate disbursements in accordance with approved budget requirements
3. Maintain official financial and programmatic grant files
4. Monitor internal procedures for compliance with regulatory and grant requirements
5. Monitor grantee project activity for compliance with approved goals, objectives, measurements, and outcomes
6. Identify, communicate and respond to changes in grant activity that require prior approval (for example, project budget, key personnel, scope, no-cost extensions)
7. Conduct ongoing internal monitoring to evaluate success in meeting target goals and objectives
8. Prepare and submit progress and financial reports required by grantor
9. Review progress and financial reports submitted by grantee
10. Analyze and reconcile financial reports
11. Request and review audits as needed
12. Respond to audit requests and provide required documentation
13. Conduct site visits with recipients/sub-recipients and issue monitoring reports
14. Develop corrective action plans to address deficiencies identified through site visits, audits, and other monitoring activities
15. Take appropriate action to report or investigate alleged fraud, waste, and abuse
16. Initiate enforcement actions as needed (i.e., modify or terminate contract agreement)

Closeout Activities (3 Questions)

1. Review recipient/sub-recipient project file and issue final closeout requirements
2. Comply with closeout requirements (for example, develop and submit final reports to grantors, equipment and property disposition, comply with record retention requirements, liquidate all obligations)
3. Complete close out activities (for example, analyze and respond to final reports submitted by grantees, review and ensure that all grant funds have been liquidated, close grant out in award and financial systems)

Additional Tasks Performed

If any tasks you perform as a grants management professional were missing from this assessment, please describe them here.

Time Spent in Each Category

Of all the tasks listed above, what percentage of your time is spent in each domain below?

Pre-award Activities
Award Activities
Post-award Activities
Closeout Activities

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