Auditing the Relevance and Reliability of Performance Information -- 2 Days

Auditors will learn to assure high-quality information is used for data-driven decisions, enhancing program and service performance, and reducing the risk of sub-optimal decisions. By assuring the relevance of performance measures and the reliability of data, these audits will increase decision makers’ confidence in using data to make factbased decisions critical to agency success, and will improve accountability and transparency for elected officials and the public. In addition, the federal GPRAMA, and similar state and local mandates, depend on relevant and reliable data to improve outcomes and accountability. One-day versions of the course can be tailored to emphasize all or mostly “relevance” or emphasize all or mostly “reliability,” based on your organization’s needs.

Learning Objectives

The one-day course covers:

  • Criteria for determining performance measure relevance and data reliability
  • Techniques for analyzing the usefulness of a program’s measures and the reliability of measurement information
  • Step-by-step procedures for auditing data reliability and performance measurement controls 
  • Examples and exercises for reviewing and practicing the audit steps in the data reliability process
  • Elements of GAO’s publication, Assessing the Reliability of Computer-Processed Data

The two-day course adds:

  • More depth on key steps to increase participants’ opportunities to relate these steps to data management in their organizations
  • An exercise to develop objectives, scope and methodology for auditing the relevance and reliability of performance information
  • A real-time assessment by participants of current data relevance and reliability issues and practices in their jurisdiction against best practices presented in this course

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  • Field(s) of Study

    Auditing (Governmental)

    Course Length

    2 days

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    Epstein, Paul
    Grifel, Stu

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