Appropriations Law Refresher and Update

Prerequisites: Attendees should have taken a full-length (3 or 4 days) appropriations/fiscal law class within the past three years.

Experience a two-day thorough refresher and update on the GAO’s Principles of Federal Appropriations Law (the Red Book). This lecture course utilizes about 30 specific “purpose categories,” 50 comptroller general decisions, and 20 Anti-Deficiency Act violations for instruction, illustration, and reinforcement of discussed principles and prohibitions.

Learning Objectives

This course covers:

  • Basic terminology and concepts of “budget authority” and appropriations law
  • Recent comptroller decisions relating to the purpose, time and amount of appropriations 
  • Recently reported Anti-Deficiency Act violations relating to improper use of appropriations 
  • Length, amount, and use of appropriations under a continuing resolution
  • Roles and responsibilities of accountable officers
  • Liability and relief of liability of accountable officers for losses of funds or improper payments

Related Courses

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  • Field(s) of Study

    Business Law

    Course Length

    2 days

    Course Level



    Herko, John

    CPE Hours


    Group Cost

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