Assessing and Strengthening Performance Management -- 1 Day

With federal legislation strengthening the GPRA and more state and local performance accountability mandates, it is more important than ever for federal, state, and local agencies to establish and maintain performance management systems. The intent of the GPRAMA and similar state and local legislation is to ensure information produced by performance management systems is used for decisions to manage and improve government programs and for accurately reporting results. This course enables government managers and staff to assess and strengthen an existing performance management system, especially the four sub-systems used for performance improvement and accountability — performance planning, budgeting, monitoring/reporting and decision making.

Learning Objectives

This course covers:

  • Best practice criteria to assess performance management systems
  • Essentials of mapping program logic, defining performance goals and objectives, and measuring performance
  • Using essential performance information through repeated cycles that involve all major performance management subsystems
  • Exercises to develop plans to assess performance management subsystems, which participants can use as models for assessing and improving performance management of programs in their own organizations

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  • Field(s) of Study

    Management Services

    Course Length

    1 day

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    Epstein, Paul
    Grifel, Stu
    Morgan, Stephen

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