Courses by Field of Study: Auditing

Course Category Days CPE
Auditing and Investigating Bribes and KickbacksAuditing – Risk Management216
Comprehensive Update of GAAS -- 1 DayAuditing – General18
Comprehensive Update of GAAS -- 2 DaysAuditing – General216
Conducting Effective InterviewsAuditing – General18
Developing and Conducting Effective and Efficient Performance Audit ProgramsAudit Planning18
Developing Audit FindingsAuditing – General18
Fraud and Abuse: What's it to you?Auditing – Risk Management18
Fraud Detection and PreventionAuditing – Risk Management18
Introduction to Information Technology -- 1 DayAuditing – Technology18
Introduction to Information Technology -- 2 DaysAuditing – Technology216
Performance/Operational Audit Objectives and Evidence to Achieve Measurable Results Auditing – Performance18
SOC I and II (Type I and II)Auditing – General18