Pardon me, but are my ethics showing?

April 12 | 2–3:50 p.m. ET | 2 CPEs | FOS: BETH

If you asked anyone if they were ethical, you might be hard-pressed to hear anything but an affirmative “yes.”  Each of us has values, individually or organizationally, that determine what is right and what is wrong. Doing what is right or wrong is what determines our ethics. Here is what we will cover:

  • Conflict between morals and ethics and how to resolve them
  • What does integrity mean? In 2005, it was word looked up the most, according to Merriam-Webster
  • Core values are our fundamental beliefs
  • The Nolan Committee’s The Seven Principles of Public Life
  • Bobby Derrick, CGFM, Past National President, Field Representative & Chapter Consultant, AGA
  • Moderator: Kia Lor, PMP, CMP, Meetings and Registration Manager
Learning Objectives: Participants will learn what we mean by values, morals and ethics. The terms are often used interchangeably, and we will clear up any confusion as to what they mean. 


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Program Level: Overview

Prerequisite: None

Advance Preparation: None required

Field of Study: Behavioral Ethics (BETH)


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