PIO-CFO Summit Insights

Bridging Cost, Performance and Evidence: Building on Insights from the PIO-CFO Summit

September 6 | 1–2:00 PM ET | 1 CPEs | FOS: MGMT

Program Level: Overview
Prerequisite: None
Advance Preparation: None required
Field of Study: Management Services (MGMT)

What are the costs of federal programs and policies? What results do we get for that spending? These two questions are fundamental to understanding public value and cost effectiveness, yet issues of cost, performance and impact often exist in silos. That’s a problem, since when financial management, performance, and evidence communities work together to tackle important agency or cross-agency challenges and opportunities, government produces better results, often at lower cost. This webinar will explore the causes of those silos and discuss recommendations for bridging them. It will also discuss how one agency, the Small Business Administration, has worked to successfully connect cost, performance and evidence.


  • Jason Bossie, Director of the Office of Performance Management, SBA
  • Andrew Feldman, Director, Grant Thornton
  • Robert Shea, Principal, Grant Thornton
  • Kathy Stack, Former VP, Laura and John Arnold Foundation


Learning objectives:

  • Understand why the financial management, performance, and evidence communities often exist in different silos, with each often asking different questions about agency performance. 
  • Understand how, despite these differences, the three communities have important overlapping interests and approaches that can benefit each other. 
  • Learn about five suggestions that agencies can use to bridge cost, performance and evidence in order to better tackle important agency challenges and opportunities and, in doing so, produce better results, often at lower cost.

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