GASB Update

February 5 | 2–3:50 PM ET | 2 CPEs | 1.75 PDUs | FOS: ACCG

Program Level: Overview
Prerequisite: None
Advance Preparation: None required
Field of Study: Accounting - Governmental (ACCG)

This webinar will cover the new accounting and financial reporting standards, including the recently issued implementation guides for:

  • Fiduciary Activities
  • Leases

The webinar will also provide an overview of the following Current Technical Agenda projects:

  • Subscription-Based Information Technology Arrangements
  • Public-Private Partnerships and Availability Payment Arrangements
  • Financial Reporting Model Improvements
  • Revenue and Expense Recognition


Dave Vaudt

Deborah Beams, CPA
Supervising Project Manager

Scott Reeser
Senior Project Manager

Paulina Haro
Supervising Project Manager

Learning objectives:

At the end of this webinar, participants will have received updates on the upcoming changes to accounting and financial reporting for leases and fiduciary activities based upon new Statements and recently issued Implementation Guides.  Participants will also get an update on several of the Board’s Current Technical Agenda projects that are in the due process phase.

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