Webinar FAQs

Group Registration

I’m the site coordinator for a group. What equipment do we need to participate in a webinar?
You need a high-speed internet connection, a computer, a projector and a screen.

How will I access the sound?
You have two choices:

  1. Connect via the internet and connect your computer to speakers.
  2. Dial a toll-free number using a speaker phone.

What if my site does not have an internet connection or a projector/screen?
Sites without these capabilities can continue to dial-in as they have in past for the audio. PowerPoint presentations will be available in advance for duplication.

Are discounts available?
Yes! AGA webinars are a great way for a group to earn CPE at a very low cost. Discounts are available to groups purchasing four or more events in the program year. Learn more.

Individual Registration

Can individuals participate without a group?
Yes. Individuals may now participate and earn CPE.

I’m an individual participant. What equipment do I need to participate?
You need a high-speed internet connection and a computer.

How does the CPE process work for individuals?
In compliance with NASBA standards, AGA has an attendance system for web-based events. During webinars, letters will appear at unannounced times in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Individual participants note these letters and enter them at the end of the event. Participants who successfully complete this process will receive a CPE certificate by email within five business days.

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