Group Registration Options & Pricing

AGA offers 12 webinars annually. Group webinars are popular among AGA chapters and government workplaces at all levels. Groups have two registration options: Group registration of three or fewer webinars and group registration of four or more webinars. Registration fee is per site, not per person. Each site includes unlimited attendance at a single location and CPE hours for each participant who attends the entire training in person. Participants must sign in and out with a site coordinator.

Each location requires an appointed on-site coordinator who is the only person that is registered for the webinar(s) on behalf of the group. The site coordinator will receive all of the communication from AGA about the webinar. Their duties include:

  • communicating webinar information and distributing any materials to all participants;
  • planning and ensuring the device being used for the webinar is working properly beforehand;
  • managing sign-in/sign-out sheet; and
  • providing the CPE Pin Code and downloading instructions to participants at the end of the webinar.

How to register

Hosting one webinar per location?

The fee information for groups interested in registering one, two or three webinars per location is as follows:

Early-bird: $289
Regular: $339

The early-bird registration fee is good on or before the Friday prior to the scheduled webinar. The regular fee applies for all groups registering after that time. Here is an example of group pricing for a webinar scheduled on June 1, 2016: 

On or before May 27, 2016 (early bird): $289
After May 27, 2016 (regular): $339

Online registration for groups ordering three or fewer is also available via the individual webinar's webpage. Please visit the webinar list for further details. 

Hosting 4 or more webinars per location?

Package discounts are available to groups participating in 4 or more webinars per location.

  • Purchase 4–7 webinars and save 10% ($260 each)
  • Purchase 8–12 webinars and save 25% ($215 each)