Awards & Recognition

A Proud Tradition—
Paying Tribute to the Best and the Brightest

AGA's National Awards Committee proudly recognizes individuals for their exemplary work in the field of financial management.

National Leadership Awards

These awards, presented annually at the National Leadership Training (NLT) are due Nov. 30, 2015. Questions? Contact

Feb. 2016: NLT in Washington

AGA National Awards

These awards, are presented at AGA’s Professional Development Training (PDT), and primarily recognize individuals for their contributions to AGA.

DEADLINE: The deadline to receive nominations for PDT 2016 is March 30, 2016.

July 17-20, 2016: PDT in Anaheim, CA

National Academic Scholarships

Are you or a family member pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies in disciplines such as accounting, auditing, budgeting, economics, finance, information technology,or public administration? If so, consider applying for an AGA Academic Scholarship today!

This year, AGA will award:

Rising College Freshman: One full-time ($3,000) and one part-time ($1,500)

Current Undergraduates: Three full-time ($3,000) and two part-time ($1,500)

Graduate Students: Two full-time ($3,000) and one part-time ($1,500)

Community Service: AGA can award two $1,500 scholarship for community service amongst the three collegiate categories noted above.

The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday, Apr. 15, 2016. Questions? Contact