AGA is the member organization for government financial management professionals.

Who We Are

Known by its mission, Advancing Government Accountability, AGA is embracing the fact that government accountability is more than good accounting. Accountability in the 21st century is a holistic field that includes not only accountants, but professionals in social research, legal analysis, information technology, investigation, and the sciences. We must use every source of information and every avenue of inquiry to make sure that government is operating for the good of the people. To these ends, we provide members with outstanding educational opportunities, encourage professional development, influence governmental financial management policies and practices and serve as advocates for the profession. Further, our members support several community activities and we provide scholarships for future leaders in government accountability.

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

Vision: Advancing government accountability for informed public decision making.

AGA is the premier association for advancing government accountability and defines government accountability as a government’s obligation to the people for its actions and use of resources.

Mission: For members, to provide quality professional growth and development opportunities through educational programs, professional certification, peer networking, and civic activities; for employers, to develop a highly skilled workforce knowledgeable in the unique aspects of governmental accounting; for the public, to promote transparency and accountability in governmental financial reporting.

AGA fosters learning, certification, leadership, and collaboration for professionals and stakeholders committed to advancing government accountability.

Core Values: Service, Accountability, Integrity, Leadership

Upcoming Events

November 20, 2019 Lunch 'n' Learn and Webinar

Date:  October 31–November 20, 2019
Grimes Building, 400 E 14th St. Des Moines, Room B100

  • Lunch 'n' Learn - "DAS-State Accounting Overview" presented by Nick Miller, Division Administrator, State Accounting Enterprise
  • Webinar - "Building a Culture of Ethical Excellence" - This webinar will look at four key actions organizations can take to build a culture of ethical excellence and develop the individual and organizational ethical muscle needed to create trust with key stakeholders. Register on Eventbrite.
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