AGA's Fraud Prevention Toolkit provides current, state-of-the-art tools for federal, state, local and tribal government financial managers to use in preventing and detecting fraud. 

This toolkit is organized in a manner that promotes education. It contains a comprehensive array of tools, posters, educational materials, PowerPoint Presentations and videos. Users can find tools by looking under business process such as accounts receivable, program areas like the Office of Management and Budget's high-risk programs, or by fraud type such as bid rigging.

This toolkit is a down payment on a much larger vision for opening the lines of communication among governments. It will be expanded to cover grants management, sub-recipient monitoring and other topics that can help advance governmental accountability. Please let us know how we can improve this toolkit and how it can be expanded to help government officials at all levels do their jobs even better! This toolkit addresses fraud risks, red flags and controls to help your department implement an action plan.

Toolkit Features:

  • Quick summaries of types of fraud likely to be encountered by governments.
  • Tools you can use today, without delay, to help in your fight against governmental fraud.
  • Links to a wide array of fraud-fighting resources including procedures, protocols, posters and papers on identifying and preventing fraud.
  • Information organized so that you, in whatever role you play in government operations, can find what you need to fight fraud effectively.