Student Membership

While you're considering a career in government financial management, AGA is here to support you! Membership in AGA gives you access to resources to develop your skills and expand your knowledge. As a student, you can build connections to assist you with finding that first job (and with subsequent jobs as well).

Remember to check out what each AGA chapter offers to students — like scholarships, board positions and other opportunities to develop your leadership skills.

Free Electronic Student Member Eligibility

Student membership is available to any individual enrolled as a full-time* student at an accredited higher education institution AND not gainfully employed. Each year, student members will be asked to confirm that they still meet the eligibility requirements.

*We may request for a transcript confirming your full-time student status annually. AGA reserves the right to decline membership if documentation of full-time student status is not provided upon request.


Mentorship, Scholarship and Training

Additional Membership Benefits

Learn more about careers in government financial management

Government, be it state, local, tribal or federal, is always hiring! There are 90,000 governmental units to choose from. It's all about the mission — serving citizens. Governments' problems are fascinating and complex. You can make a difference!

Why Does Government Financial Management Provide a Great Career?

  • Challenging, rewarding and fulfilling work
    • Solve problems that get reported in the press
    • Positive impact on important programs
  • Excellent benefits
  • Job availability and demand
  • Career progression
  • Job security
  • Competitive salaries

What Do Government Financial Managers Do?

  • Implement cash management strategies for federal, state and local governments
  • Direct investment activities and develop cost benefit analyses for new projects
  • Advise program managers regarding impact of financial plans
  • Manage and/or oversee funds for mission-focused programs
  • Correct and resolve improper payments
  • Oversee the preparation of financial reports
  • And most importantly — serve the public!