Member Types


Government — $100/year

For individuals who work directly for government, academia and not-for-profit organizations. Individuals employed by a private entity as a contractor for a government agency, even if they report to a government-owned property, are considered Private Sector.

Private Sector — $160/year

For sole proprietors and individuals working for private companies, corporations or partnerships.

Young Professional — $45/year

For young professionals with fewer than three years of ANY experience.

Student — FREE Electronic Membership!

For full-time college/university students who are not gainfully employed.

Retired — $35/year

For current AGA members who have permanently retired from government, academia, nonprofit or commercial enterprise or ventures.

Lifetime — Free

Lifetime membership is bestowed upon those individuals who have been an AGA member for 40 consecutive years, to recognize their distinguished service to AGA. Memberships are awarded each January. View the list of Lifetime Members and those who have reached other membership milestones.


Government groups of five or more people can get discounts on AGA's national training events. Find out more about ADVANTAGE Groups.