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AGA conducts independent research and analysis on all aspects of government financial management. AGA has been instrumental in assisting the development of accounting and auditing standards and in generating new concepts for the effective organization and administration of government financial management functions. These studies make AGA a leading advocate for improving the quality and effectiveness of government fiscal administration, and program performance and accountability. The reports are distributed to a wide audience at the state, local and federal levels of government as well as to the public and to the private sector. All of these reports are made possible with the support of our Corporate Partners.

AGA produces three types of reports through its Corporate Partners:

  • Research Series: These reports assess current and/or best practices and make recommendations for future improvements in federal, state and local governmental accounting, auditing and financial management. Generally, the reports deal with auditing and accounting, financial management, technology and other management issues.
  • Survey Series: Each year AGA surveys government leaders — Chief Financial Officers, Chief Information Officers and Inspectors General — on issues that are top of mind and "what keeps them up at night." Online surveys and in-person roundtables are used to gather input.
  • Executive: These reports are either white papers surrounding emerging issues/technologies developed by AGA's Corporate Partner Advisory Group committees or detailed summaries of in-person summits and forums.

AGA also produces Intergovernmental Reports through its Intergovernmental Partnership.