Become a Reviewer


  • Do you have considerable knowledge and experience in federal government financial management and/or performance measurement and the reporting of results?
  • Do you have a general knowledge of federal government operations, the subjects covered by a PAR/AFR and, at least collectively, a familiarity with the agency submitting the reports, its mission and programs?

Reviewer application 

All confirmed applicants will be notified in mid-December. Should you have any questions, please contact 

Reviewing process

For each agency applicant, we pull together a team of five people to review the agency report submitted. Team members will be assigned after the reviewer training and will be notified accordingly via email. Each team member, on their own, must identify and prepare written recommendations for matters in which the reviewer believes the report could be improved and decide whether the report should receive the Certificate of Excellence and possibly a special award. Once each team member completes the reviews, the team will meet as a group at the AGA national office to review a compendium of all the recommendations, reach an agreement and vote on the award.

Reviewing timeline 

  • Mid December 2019  — All applicants will be notified via email of status.
  • Early January 2019 — Teams will start to receive reports at their home addresses via UPS, allowing up to four weeks to review. Due dates for reviewers’ comments will be calculated from time of receipt.
    • UPS tracking will be emailed to each reviewer with a Word document of the FY19 CEAR Program Guidelines, as well as other reviewing instructions.
    • Upon receipt of packet, email to confirm.
  • Early February 2020 — AGA will begin scheduling in-person meetings with teams and lead reviewers at the AGA national office.
  • Late February 2020 — Reviewer comments are due to
    • Once your review is completed, email your typed comments in sections V and VI of the guidelines to
    • Use the provided Word document of the FY18 CEAR guidelines to type your comments into sections V and VI. PDFs or any other format such as handwritten comments, will not be accepted.
  • March 2020 — Teams meet as scheduled at the AGA national office. Up to two hours of CPEs will be granted to members participating in person. Participation via phone is strongly discouraged and not eligible for CPE hours.
  • May 2020 — CEAR Award Ceremony (by invitation only); black tie preferred; Washington, D.C. All reviewers are encouraged to attend — you’ve worked hard!

CPEs for Reviewers

As a CEAR Reviewer, you will be able to earn up to six Continuing Professional Education credits (CPE). Here are the trainings that will offer CPEs for Reviewers.

  • Preparer's Training | Aug. 2019 | 2 CPEs | FOS: Personal Development (PD) 
    If your agency is participating or thinking about participating in the CEAR Program, you may choose to attend this training to get some insights on some best practices of preparing an award-winning report. 
  • Reviewer training/first-time reviewers | Dec. 2019 | 2 CPEs | FOS: Personal Development (PD)
    AGA will be hosting a training for first-time reviewers and for returning reviewers who needs a refresher in December 2019.
  • Team meeting/training | Mar. 2020 | 2 CPEs | FOS: AUDG (Auditing Governmental)
    Reviewers participating in the team meeting in-person at the AGA national office will be able to earn up to two hours of CPE credits! 


Email or call 800.242.7211 ext: 322.