Preparing for CGFM Examinations

Begin by reviewing the CGFM examinations content outlines, which list the main and subtopics covered in each examination. This should be the focal point of your preparation. It is the core document used as the basis for each examination and a guideline for writing examination questions.

exam content

AGA Preparation Options

Instructor-led training courses:

AGA's three comprehensive CGFM courses are offered with two convenient delivery options:


AGA’s Intensive Review Course offers those who self-study time with an AGA instructor, who can explain concepts, provide examples and answer questions. It’s also a great refresher-course for those who attended the AGA or Management Concepts instructor-led courses in the past.

intensive review course


AGA offers three CGFM study guides, providing comprehensive overviews of the topics covered in each CGFM examination. Note: If you have already purchased any of the study guides with CPEs, you can access the CPE quizzes.

study guides

AGA now offers three online CGFM practice examinations — each corresponding to an actual CGFM examination. Apply the concepts you’ve learned, identify the areas where you’ll need additional preparation and figure out the pace you'll need to complete the 115-question examination within the allotted time.

practice exams

In addition to the reference materials listed at the end of each study guide, see the list of study references utilized by our examination question writers.

AGA Chapters:

AGA chapters are not just a great way to network; they can also be a great way to prepare for the CGFM examinations. Some AGA chapters offer study groups, on-site courses and/or other assistance to CGFM candidates. Locate a chapter near you.

Important Tips for CGFM Candidates:

  • Understand there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to studying for the CGFM examinations. Candidates need to consider their learning preferences, prior knowledge, experience, time and budget in determining the best way to prepare. While AGA courses and study guides provide an excellent foundation in studying for the CGFM examinations, and many candidates find them to be sufficient in their preparation, some individuals may need to go beyond the study guides and review additional materials.Review the CGFM examinations sample questions. These questions are most similar, in both format and type, to the actual CGFM examinations. Also make sure you are familiar with all of the acronyms used on the examinations.
  • Use the score report as your guide. If you don’t pass a CGFM examination, you’ll receive an instant report that shows your performance by content area. Use that information to help you focus your study preparation.