CGFM® Certification

Annual Renewal Requirement

All active CGFMs must renew their certification annually. At the beginning of each year, invoices will be sent to all active CGFMs. Annual CGFM renewal payments are due by March 31. AGA reserves the right to periodically adjust the renewal rates of $30 for AGA members and $65 for nonmembers. AGA membership is not required for the CGFM certification; however, AGA members who do not wish to renew their AGA membership must pay the nonmember CGFM renewal fee of $65.00.

By submitting their annual renewal payment, CGFMs affirm that they have and will continue to abide by AGA’s Code of Ethics and that they have fulfilled the minimum CPE requirements.

Important CPE Policies Update: the CGFM CPE policies have been updated to include changes and clarifications to current policies. Please see CPE requirements for more details.

CGFMs must promptly notify AGA of any change of mailing address. It is the responsibility of each CGFM to pay the annual CGFM renewal fee, even if that individual did not receive an invoice from AGA.