CGFM Intensive Review Course & Exams

Sign up for AGA’s Intensive Review Course with CGFM examinations included – it’s a great opportunity to review the course material with a knowledgeable instructor and complete your CGFM!

The Intensive Review Course (IRC), offering up to 18 CPEs, will be held in Alexandria, Va., April 3–4, 2017. The class will run 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. both days. Registration is now closed for this event.

The CGFM examinations for the April 3–4 course can be taken by appointment only at Pearson Professional Testing Centers from April 5, 2017 – July 31, 2017, using vouchers provided by AGA.

  • What is the Intensive Review Course? It is a special, limited enrollment opportunity for those individuals who have already been studying for the CGFM examinations and want extra reinforcement of the material. It is a review of the main topics covered on the CGFM examinations, led by a knowledgeable instructor.

  • What it’s NOT: It is not a shortcut. It is not an exam prep course with strategies on how to pass the exams. The Intensive Review Course is not a substitute for the three AGA instructor-led training courses. It is usually not enough, by itself, to prepare for the CGFM examinations – advance preparation is strongly recommended.


To participate in this event, individuals must:

  1. Be accepted into the CGFM program (see Eligibility section below).

  2. Pre-register for this event. Note: Only current CGFM candidates will be able to register for this event. Walk-ins will not be accepted.

Registration is no longer available for the April 3–4, 2017 event. 


The IRC will be held in Alexandria, Va. Detailed information will be provided to all registered attendees.


To attend the Intensive Review Course and take the CGFM examinations, participants must first apply and be accepted into the CGFM program.

Potential candidates need to submit the CGFM program application form and a copy of an official transcript from an accredited college or university. The official transcript must show that a degree (bachelor’s or higher) was awarded, with the award date. Applicant’s name and the name of the college or university must appear on all transcripts.

Once the application is processed and the transcript is approved, CGFM candidates will receive an eligibility letter from AGA confirming their acceptance into the program.

Waiting period: Candidates who have already taken a CGFM examination but did not pass, must satisfy the applicable waiting period before they can retake that CGFM examination. Candidates must have a valid CGFM examination eligibility in order to take a CGFM examination during the April–July period.

Course and Materials

Learning Objectives:

  • Outline concepts and realities of public accountability

  • Understand government organization - at all levels

  • Comprehend interaction among levels of government

  • Understand what to tax and why

  • Understand the need for and practice of internal control

  • Understand how and what kind of audits are conducted in government

  • Meet the responsibilities of government managers in providing accountability for the public trust

  • Learn about techniques for managing cash, investments, loan programs, inventory, procurement, property management and financial management systems

  • Understand governmental accounting standards, financial reporting practices and budgeting approaches

  • Apply the standards, practices and approaches by the federal, state and local governments

  • Understand financial statements issued by federal, state and local governments

Fields of Study: Finance – 3 CPE hours, Auditing (Governmental) – 6 CPE hours, Accounting (Governmental) – 9 CPE hours. 

Course Prerequisite: Only eligible CGFM candidates can participate in this course (see Eligibility section above). Prior participation in a CGFM training course or the purchase of CGFM study guides is not required, but is strongly encouraged.

Advance Prep: Review of CGFM examinations content outlines and studying for the CGFM examinations.

No materials will be provided at the Intensive Review Course. However, participants are encouraged to order CGFM study guides at least six weeks before the course date. 

Examination Information

A week before the Intensive Review Course, registered participants will receive an email with vouchers (numerical codes) for the CGFM examinations they still have to pass. These vouchers can be used in place of payment while scheduling  CGFM examination appointments at Pearson Professional Testing Centers. The vouchers will expire on July 31, 2017 — all examinations must be taken by this date. The voucher expiration deadline will not be extended. Testing centers may fill up; participants are encouraged to contact Pearson VUE by the end of July in order to schedule and take their examination(s) by July 31, 2017.