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CGFM Practice Exams

Effective November 2018, AGA’s CGFM practice exams are now hosted on a new platform, powered by Test Run.

New Users

What’s new? Our new platform:
  • has 50% more questions (175 total) per exam
  • keeps track of your progress, with a color-coded history
  • offers flexibility to practice with a smaller number of questions at a time or test by main content area
  • provides online access for 3 months for $45, with an option to renew for additional periods of 3 months for $30

Practice Exam Platform Overview

Important information
  • Practice exams are NOT refundable
  • Practice exams are single-user products; your login may not be shared with others
  • Practice exams are limited-time (3-month) subscription products that require internet access. If your subscription expires, you can purchase a renewal subscription for an additional 3-month period
  • To purchase a subscription, you need to create a new account on the Test Run site. Your “My AGA” or CGFM study guide account will NOT work on the Test Run site
  • Purchasing and using the CGFM practice exams is NOT a requirement of the CGFM certification and should be not interpreted as a predictor of your performance on the actual CGFM examinations
  • The CGFM practice exams are NOT the same as the actual CGFM examinations required for the CGFM certification. The questions on the CGFM practice exams were specifically written for practice; they did not, and will not, appear on any actual live CGFM examinations and have not gone through the same level of testing as live CGFM examination questions
  • The CGFM practice exams are copyrighted by AGA

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Existing Users

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