Citizen-Centric Reporting (CCR)

Governments at all levels — federal, state, local and tribal — seek to be transparent with their spending, yet many transparency websites only provide access to complex financial reports that require an accounting degree to understand! Some government sites also provide query capabilities and graphical depiction of data, but not a comprehensive look into their mission, spending, performance and outlook. .

AGA's Citizen-Centric Reporting (CCR) initiative is intended to simplify communication between governments and their citizens. We believe accurate government financial information should be provided to citizens, in a simple and understandable format, which is updated regularly, and available to all. Citizens have a right to accurate information about how government is spending their taxpayer dollars.

The CCR is a visually appealing four-page document that includes community information such as population figures, regional characteristics and government goals for the community; detailed cost and revenue information; performance information for key service areas; and a look at “what’s next” in the year ahead. AGA provides suggested content guidelines to help preparers select and organize the information to include in the CCR. We hope preparers will be creative in how information is shared; and feel free to browse completed CCRs for inspiration.


AGA believes these reports will help citizens better understand the services provided by their government — and at what cost. In today’s era of tight budgets, choices must be made and governments must be transparent to citizens about their decisions. CCRs can help Americans become more active and better informed voters.

We encourage you to work with your government employer or with the city, town or state where you live, and persuade them to produce a CCR. Send your CCR to AGA at, and our team will review and provide constructive feedback on how to make it more informative and impactful. We recognize well designed and informative CCRs with an AGA Certificate of Excellence.

Each fall, AGA invites students to compete in the annual Government Finance Case Challenge, during which student teams collaboratively analyze data for a specified U.S. state, city or county government and develop a CCR.

Want to be involved in the movement? Visit our Accountability Committee page to learn more about being a change leader with AGA!

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