Certificate of Excellence in CCR

AGA offers a Certificate of Excellence in Citizen-Centric Reporting for entities that prepare and distribute a high-quality Citizen-Centric Report (CCR). To be eligible for the certificate, governments must incorporate into their report the program’s high standards of content, visual appeal, readability, distribution and timeliness in reporting as outlined below in the Judging Guidelines.

A Certificate of Achievement in Citizen-Centric Reporting will be presented to those entities that do not meet all of the requirements for the Certificate of Excellence, but still have produced a four-page report.

Judging Guidelines

AGA will examine the reports and make suggestions for improvement.

The following elements must be included in the report to be eligible for the Certificate of Excellence:

  1. How the entity is organized/operates (items such as vision statement and strategic goals)
  2. Key accomplishments surrounding missions and service, along with selected performance measures.
  3. Bar and/or pie charts to display revenues and expenses.
  4. Audit information, such as: "This page has been reviewed and you may find the audit when completed at www..xyz. gov;' or, "An independent audit was conducted, resulting in a clean audit opinion. Complete financial information can be found at www.xyz.gov."
  5. Future challenges affecting the entity.
  6. Feedback statements, such as, "We want to hear from you. Do you like this report? Do you believe it should include any other information? Please let us know by contacting xxx."
  7. Report is free of technical accounting language.
  8. Report incorporates pictures and other graphics to make it visually appealing.
  9. Report has been distributed (hardcopy, posted to website and/or posted in newspaper)
  10. Include the CCR logo in the report to promote the program’s brand.


There is no cost to participate in the program.

Application Process

To have your report reviewed, please complete the appropriate application below, and forward along with five copies of your report (and/or include a link to a website where the report is posted) to: The Citizen-Centric Reporting Program, AGA, 2208 Mount Vernon Avenue Alexandria, VA 22301, or via email at ccr@agacgfm.org.

Interested in reviewing?