Your local Charleston WV Chapter Association of Government Accountants is preparing a Supply Drive to support our local Children’s Home Society Emergency Children’s Shelters.

The Children's Home Society of West Virginia operates nine shelters providing short-term and emergency care for youth in crisis. The program is designed to accomplish two basic purposes: to meet the child's emergent need for residential care in a safe, supportive setting and to provide a period of time for the Department of Health and Human Resources and shelter staff to assess the child's needs and develop the most suitable plan for continued care and protection.

OuText Box: During the year, the shelter program provided 26,962 days of residential care and comprehensive social services to 816 children. Most youth served were in need of emergency shelter care due to abuse and neglect in their own homes, family conflicts or delinquency.r chapter has a goal of helping the children in these shelters have a Christmas. While we hope to provide some small comfort items, we are asking for donations of items for their personal needs to pair with them. These homes often house 8-15 children each at any time.

Please participate in our drive that is ongoing through November 9, 2017 to provide basic care needs & comforts for our local children in crisis.

A simple donation is just a small gesture which will provide the gift of comfort during our upcoming holiday season and throughout the winter.

For those attending our fall conference, donation on the day of the conference will give you a complimentary raffle ticket to win one of our THREE raffle prizes.

You may drop off your donations to any of the locations below or at the Fall Conference:

  • Melissa Mullins or Cherie’ Peacock WV DHHR— Capitol Street, Charleston
  • Marie Long Suttle & Stalnaker — 1411 Virginia St East, St 100, Charleston
  • Emily Fleck WV DNR — 324 4th Ave, South Charleston

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Just imagine the positive impact we can have when we all work together!        Through the collection of much-needed items for these children, you will become part of something amazing.                        Help us give these children a Christmas to remember in their time of need.

Text Box: Requested Donations:
Shampoo & Conditioner
Body Wash & Soap Bars
Toothbrushes & Toothpaste 
Brushes, Hand Sanitizer, etc.
Monetary donations are accepted!