Our performance and accountability programs strive to enhance governments at every level as they seek to boost transparency and build lasting trust among constituents. 

As advocates for the government financial management profession, AGA strives to increase government accountability and improve performance at all levels of government. Our members believe in government that is transparent and accountable to its citizens and in constantly seeking new ways to boost performance to meet mission-oriented and financial goals.

Intergov features AGA tools by you, for you! They are designed to help government financial management professionals do their jobs better. Intergov features tools that officials from any level of government can use to improve program performance and enhance accountability.


AGA provides training to participants in the Certificate of Excellence in Accountability Reporting (CEAR) program, which was established in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officers Council and the U.S. Office of Management in Budget in 1997. Our training demonstrates the best ways to complete Performance and Accountability Reports and Agency Financial Reports before they are submitted to OMB and Congress, then our subject-matter experts review them to provide recommendations and feedback before certificates of excellence may be awarded. By producing reports that are accurate and easy to read, governments can enhance both performance and accountability.

Through our Citizen-Centric Reporting (CCR) program, we encourage governments to create clear, concise reports for constituents so they understand how their tax dollars are spent. Cities, counties, states, academic institutions and federal departments and agencies nationwide have joined in the program to advocate on behalf of transparency and accountability. AGA believes CCRs will help citizens better understand the services provided by their government — and at what cost. In today’s era of tight budgets, tough choices are being made. Governments must remain transparent with their citizenry about their decisions. CCRs are an excellent tool to help Americans become better-informed voters.


The Financial Management Standards Board (FMSB) gathers input from members and provides thorough feedback to decision-makers at bodies including the Government Accounting Standards Board to present members' input on new regulations as a united, industry-wide opinion.