Welcome to the AGA Chattanooga Chapter's website!

Established in 1989, the AGA Chattanooga Chapter was created to promote at the local level, the goals of national AGA.  AGA is a professional association advancing accountability, transparency and leadership by promoting education, certification, innovation and collaboration across all levels of government and to stakeholders.  AGA's core values include:  Service, Accountability, Integrity and Leadership.  The core values of the Chattanooga Chapter are to serve our community by enhancing training opportunities to our members, which in turn have a positive impact on the community and region. By inviting talented and experienced professionals to present at our monthly meetings, our members gain exceptional knowledge from a diverse range of practices and groundbreaking methods. The AGA Chattanooga Chapter is overseen by an executive committee, board committee, and chairpersons, who are limited to a one or two year term, depending upon the position. 

From the foundation in 1989, the AGA Chattanooga Chapter has grown tremendously in membership and serving our community. We invite you to use our website as a way to stay informed of the happenings within our Chapter. Welcome!

If you have any questions, please contact us by going to our leadership tab. We look forward to hearing from you!






Chapter News

AGA Chapter Wins Platinum Award 2022-2023

AGA Chattanooga is proud to announce being awarded the platinum award for chapter service in the 2022-2023 year.