AGA Hawaii's CGFM You Pass We Pay Program

AGA Hawaii's CGFM You Pass, We Pay Program

AGA Hawaii Chapter wants to invest in your professional growth! If you are an active member of the AGA Hawaii Chapter, from the time you submit your CGFM application until you are certified, we will reimburse you for the $70 application fee plus the $125 cost for each of the three parts for a total of $445.

Additionally, the Hawaii Chapter purchased 3 study guides as soon as they were published last year, which may be borrowed for a deposit of $25 each for a month. If you are interested in borrowing the study guides, contact Dave Gandule, one of the AGA Hawaii's moderators. His email address is The deposit will be returned when the study guide is returned. 

Each exam is composed of 115 questions with a 2 hour 15 minute time limit (135 minutes or 70 seconds per question):

Exam One – pertains to the Governmental Environment

Exam Two – applies to Governmental Accounting, Financial Reporting and Budgeting

Exam Three – is about Governmental Financial Management and Control

In Hawaii, you may schedule your exam at the Pearson Professional Center at Ala Moana, on the 2nd floor above Bank of Hawaii. As another option, you may take a proctored (timed) exam online at home with a monitor through a webcam on your workstation.

Invest in your professional growth today!