Our Chapter is currently in the process of being revitalized. For the 2019-2020 Chapter year, the San Antonio Chapter has positions for 15 directors that will make up the board or the Chapter Executive Committee (CEC). Several open positions remain to be filled. Please see below for a listing of the open positions and their descriptions. 

CEC Position

Basic Description

Education Director

  • Coordinate high-quality educational events for the chapter members.
  • Obtain speakers for monthly meetings and training events.
  • Coordinate with the Events Committee to assist in planning.
  • Develop and execute all aspects of chapter seminars, trainings, workshops and events, with the assistance of the Education Committee.
  • Issue CPE certificates to training event attendees.
  • Ensure that the chapter is registered with the State Board of Accountancy (where required) to offer CPEs.

Awards Director

  • Solicit nominations for national and chapter awards.
  • Organize and chair the awards committee meeting to select award recipients.
  • Obtain award plaques or certificates.
  • Plan the chapter award ceremony, which may be included as part of an education or program event, or as an evening social.

CGFM Director

  • Promote the CGFM credential to members and nonmembers.
  • Promote the CGFM credential to state and local government officials for recognition and incentives.
  • Support individuals striving to maintain the CGFM.
  • Answer questions raised by current and potential CGFMs.
  • Organize CGFM study groups within the chapter.
  • Reach out to non-member CGFMs to announce CPE-qualifying training events.

Community Service Director

  • Develop, promote and find volunteers for community service projects allowing members to contribute skills, time or funds to community-based activities.
  • Prepare an annual community service plan as part of the CRP.
  • Organize the chapter’s participation in community service projects


  • Develop and maintain a functional and attractive website to communicate with members and potential new members.
  • Work closely with the CEC and other members to ensure that the information on the website is timely and accurate.
  • Write website content as needed.
  • Recognize member and chapter achievements.
  • Submit website information for annual AGA national chapter website contest.

Newsletter Editor

  • Provide current and potential members with articles written by members and other professionals.
  • Reprint articles from AGA national publications and other professional trade journals.
  • Create functional and attractive newsletters to communicate with members and potential new members.
  • Recognize member and chapter achievements.
  • Provide monthly calendar of chapter activities to include education events, community service projects, etc.
  • Submit newsletter for annual AGA national chapter newsletter contest.

Accountability Director

  • Promote public awareness and confidence in the integrity, competence and professionalism of government accountability professionals.
  • Promote speakers and educational/training sessions that focus on government accountability and performance best practices for chapter events.
  • Publicize accountability and performance activities that have been adopted by governments in the chapter newsletter.
  • Build relationships with other professional associations and private-sector organizations to expand AGA’s accountability and performance programs.
  • Encourage the adoption of AGA Accountability activities through speaking engagements and personal contacts.
  • Participate in quarterly conference calls with other AOCs and director of performance reporting.
  • Encourage chapter members to participate as CEAR and Citizen-Centric Report reviewers

Young Professionals Director

  • Market and promote AGA membership to professionals under the age of 30 as well as students
  • Coordinate chapter presence at local conferences, college and university fairs
  • Engage young professionals via social media and events

Social Media Director

  • Update chapter Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts
  • Engage prospective members via social media
  • Keep current members connected and updated on chapter activities via social media accounts


  • Take pictures of events
  • Making pictures available to the Newsletter Editor and Webmaster
  • Make slideshows of the events showing the members and activities
  • Producing slideshows to be shown before the Chapter meetings
  • Providing copies of the pictures to the national office for special awards and member recognitions
  • Providing members of the pictures when requested
  • Providing pictures for the Chapter Historian