CGFM Certification

Certified Government Financial Manager

“The Mark of Excellence for Government Financial Professionals”

CGFM is a professional certification recognizing the unique skills and special knowledge required of today’s government financial managers. It covers governmental accounting, auditing, financial reporting, internal controls and budgeting at the federal, state, and local levels.

In order to receive the nationally recognized CGFM certification, an individual will need to follow the below steps:

The CGFM certification includes the successful passing of three exams:

  • Exam 1: Government Environment
  • Exam 2: Governmental Accounting, Financial Reporting and Budgeting
  • Exam 3: Governmental Financial Management and Control

Note: The exams do not need to be taken in order.

Below are a few simple steps outlined in more detail on the AGA National website that you can follow to become certified:

Prior to Exam:

  • Read AGA’s Code of Ethics
  • Submit a CGFM Program application form and non-refundable fee (currently $70 for AGA members and $99 for nonmembers).
  • Submit Required Degree Documentation.
  • Receive an Eligibility Letter from AGA National
    • AGA will e-mail you an eligibility letter with instructions on how to schedule your CGFM Examinations. The letter is usually sent out within two weeks of AGA receiving your CGFM application and transcript.
  • Submit a Work Verification Form as soon as you have at least two years of professional-level experience in the government financial management field.
    • You do not have to submit this form before taking the examinations, but it must be received and approved by AGA before the designation can be granted.
  • Prepare for the CGFM Examinations
    • Prepare for the examinations by attending an instructor-led course (see our EVENTS page for upcoming Tallahassee Chapter opportunities), purchasing an AGA National study guide or studying other resources.


  • Schedule the CGFM Examinations
    • Follow the instructions on your eligibility letter to register with Pearson VUE, pay for the CGFM Examination(s) and schedule your testing appointments. Currently, the CGFM examination is $125 for each of the three parts.
  • Take the CGFM Examinations
    • Take the examinations at a Pearson VUE Professional Testing Center. After you complete a CGFM Examination, you will immediately receive a pass/fail score. If you did not pass your exam, you must adhere to a 30-day waiting period before you can retake it. If you failed a particular exam more than once, your waiting period is 90 days.

Once you passed all three Exams:

  • Receive CGFM Award Letter
    • Once you pass all three CGFM Examinations and AGA National has approved your Work Verification Form, AGA will send you an official award letter announcing your CGFM designation. This letter is usually sent out within three weeks after a candidate completes the last CGFM requirement.

Note: The CGFM designation may not be used until you’ve received an official AGA award letter.

  • Receive Your CGFM Certificate and Maintain Your Certification.
    • The official CGFM certificate is usually sent 6–10 weeks after your AGA National award letter. Remember to maintain your CGFM in active status.
  • Remain an active CGFM by abiding by the AGA’s Code of Ethics, renewing the CGFM annually, and earning the required Continuing Professional Education hours.

For more detailed information of the CGFM Certification or to start the process, please visit the AGA National CGFM certification page by clicking HERE.