CGFM Certification

The AGA sponsors the Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM) certification. Becoming a CGFM requires passing of 3 multiple-choice exams. Visit the national website for further information on the CGFM
Resource Materials
The West Michigan Chapter owns a set of the official CGFM study materials. The materials are separated into 3 binders and include overviews, test content, and sample questions. These materials are available to for check out from the chapter library for a period of one month. CGFM study materials sign-up sheet. 
CGFM Proclamations
In an effort to spread awareness of the CGFM certification and its importance to the government finance profession, the AGA National has designated March of each year as "CGFM Month". Each local chapter is encouraged to obtain CGFM proclamation from Federal, State and local governments within its geographical boundaries. A big 'thank you' to the following governments for presenting the AGA West Michigan Chapter with a CGFM Proclamation:
March 2018
March 2016
March 2015
March 2013
March 2012
 March 2011
March 2010
  • City of East Grand Rapids
  • City of Grand Rapids
  • City of Wayland
  • County of Kent
If your government is interested in issuing a CGFM proclamation, please contact for further information
CGFM Congratulations 
We encourage our members to become certified government financial managers. Currently our chapter has over 20 members that hold the CGFM designation! Please join me in congratulating the following individuals on their recent success in becoming certified:
  • Casey Zaski of Rehmann Robson (April 2014)
  • Dwight Avery of Muskegon County (August 2013)
  • Joe Verlin of Gabridge & Company PLC (April 2013)
  • Michelle McCloud of Grand Valley State University (January 2013)
  • Paul Matz of Rehmann Robson (January 2013)
CGFM Continuing Education Requirements
Once an individual has obtained the CGFM certification, there are certain continuing education requirements. Every two years, a CGFM must complete at least 80 hours of continuing professional education in governmental financial management topics or related technical subjects.
All training events of the West Michigan Chapter are designed to meet the CGFM continuing education requirements.