Career Resources for Women in the Profession

AGA Boston Chapter aims to create and foster an environment in support of the advancement of women in the profession that reflects and contributes to the diverse profession and association membership. We take a collective responsibility to create an association where members feel included, respected and empowered.

AGA Boston Chapter Virtual Career Panels 

The Boston Chapter has made its three virtual career panels in 2021 and 2022 that were held in support of AGA's Council for the Advancement of Women available on its YouTube channel for free. All you need to do to watch a sessions is to register, you will then be given access to the content. 

  • Moving from the Middle Virtual Panel: March 2022 | Register
  • Elevating Your Career through Mentorship Virtual Panel: December 2021 | Register
  • Elevating Your Career Virtual Panel: July 2021 | Register

For questions please contact AGA Boston.Communications.


TED Talks

  • Why Gender Equality is Good for Everyone - Men Included | View video
  • The Power of Vulnerability | View Video