2024 AGA Boston Chapter Scholarship Applications Now Available

For all applicants for both scholarships, they must EMAIL their information by May 13, 2024 to scholarshipsagaboston@gmail.com. If they prefer to MAIL a copy of the application or have any questions, they should contact the Chapter by using the email address above.

2024 George E. Brady Scholarship Application

AGA Boston Chapter is pleased to offer one (1) George E. Brady Memorial Scholarship of $1,500 to a Boston Chapter member or an immediate family member that is enrolled or will be enrolled for 2024 in an institution of higher education with no limitation as to educational major.

Application: Please download in .pdf format.

2024 Walter Frese Scholarship Application

AGA Boston Chapter is pleased to offer one (1) Walter Frese Memorial Scholarship of $1,500 to a high school, undergraduate, or graduate student enrolled or will be enrolled as an undergraduate/graduate student for 2024 in a business or financial management-related program. This includes, but is not limited to, business administration,  finance, accounting, economics, human resources, information technology, and cyber security.

*Note: Graduate student applicants are required to be working or interning in a government business or finance position.

Applications: download in .pdf format.


Award Presentation

The scholarship recipient will be notified by May 31, 2024.


For questions about AGA Boston Chapter Scholarships, please contact scholarshipsagaboston@gmail.com.