This year our stand-alone community service event is to volunteer at Ladder Up, a non profit organization which is located at 350 N. Orleans Suite C2-100 Chicago, IL 60654  (312) 409-1555

Ladder Up is going to open 13 tax sites throughout the Chicagoland-area and is offering in-person and drop-off service to clients for the 2022 tax season. Clients will meet with a volunteer to review their documents and complete their tax return in-person. Clients will also have the opportunity to drop-off their documents at selected sites and have their tax returns prepared and quality reviewed completely remote.

Ladder Up is seeking volunteers as intake specialists, tax preparers, and quality reviewers, and support personnel.   Ladder Up operates its tax sites under the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service which requires all volunteers to be trained and pass certain tests.  Our chapter is volunteering!