Adriane D. McCoy, Membership Director

If your field is government financial management – no matter your specialization or where you work – AGA membership is invaluable.  AGA is the only association supporting more than 16,000 professionals working in federal, state, and local governments as well as the private, nonprofit, and academic sectors.  AGA will give you the tools and support you need to make your mark on the profession.

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Do you have any questions about the membership?  Please contact our Membership Director Adriane D. McCoy at (312) 913-3289 or


Adriane D. McCoy, Membership Director would like to welcome three new members to the Chicago Chapter.

 Happy Birthday to all our members with a Summer birthday!!!


We asked our members why they decided to join or renew their membership at the AGA Chicago Chapter:

“I am so happy that I was able to attend the  IIA GAC/AGA Membership Appreciation Training. The event was a real success.” -Tiffany N. McCoy, Member


Full Government Member — $100/year

This class of membership is available to individuals currently working in government, academia and not-for-profit organizations.

Individuals employed by a private entity as a contractor for a government agency, even if their office is in a government agency building, are considered Private Sector. Individuals who are employed in the public sector and then move to the private sector become Private Sector members.

Private Sector Member — $160/year

This class of membership is available to sole proprietors and those individuals currently working for private companies, corporations or partnerships.

Early Career Member — $45/year

This class of membership is available to individuals with fewer than three years of professional experience who work in private or public sector.

After three years Early Career members transition to Full Government or Private Sector based on their employer at that time.

Student Member — Free this year! virtual membership

This class of membership is available to full-time college/university students who are not yet gainfully employed.

Any student who is gainfully employed with less than three years of experience will be considered Early Career.

Retired — $35/year

This class of membership is available to individuals who have permanently retired and are not working.

Government Group Membership

Government groups of five or more individuals can enjoy discounted rates to AGA’s national conferences and training events by joining AGA’s ADVANTAGE Group Membership Program.

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime membership is bestowed upon individuals who have been AGA members for 40 years to recognize their distinguished service to the Association. Lifetime memberships are awarded each January. Lifetime members no longer pay annual dues.