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AGA has been renowned for its annual Professional Development Training (PDT), Audio Conferences, and other conferences. No other organization brings together the caliber of leaders and decision-makers from the government financial management community than AGA does year after year. Our PDCs attract leaders from federal, state and local governments and the private sector looking to enhance their career development and gather innovative insights into government financial management now and in the future. Offering Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit, dynamic speakers, and outstanding networking opportunities, AGA PDCs are considered a "must" in many financial managers' training plans. AGA conferences ensure that you're up-to-date with the latest thinking and trends affecting government financial management.

AGA’s meetings and conferences offer the chance to:

  • Earn CPE hours at outstanding educational session
  • Learn from nationally recognized leaders in the profession
  • Share insights and experience with colleagues
  • Discuss common challenges and explore creative solutions
  • Network with the best in the accountability business
  • See the latest technological advances in financial management
  • Increase your promotion potential

Favorite Events

  • AGA/ASMC Spring PDC (earn up to 8 CPEs!)
  • AGA/ASMC Fall PDC (earn up to 8 CPEs!)
  • Monthly Audio Conferences (earn up to 2 free CPEs per conference!)
  • AGA Webinars (earn 1-2 free CPEs per webinar)